Dendrobium Orchid Care And Maintenance Tips

Published: 15th February 2011
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The second largest species of the orchid family are Dendrobium Orchids which are mostly found in Asia and more are being discovered in the mountains of New Guinea. They are epiphytic orchids that grows on trees to get nutrients and moisture from air. Dendrobiums grow widely in different habitats and climates - cold, wet, highlands and lowlands. Their diversity can be a challenge to growers that want to get the exact information on how to care for them.

Even though Dendrobiums have a diverse nature, they are still a good choice for beginner orchid growers because of their ease of care, relative toughness and resilience. In order to grow Dendrobium orchids successfully, you need to create an environment that imitates their natural habitat, which means taking humidity, temperature and light into consideration, as well as their feeding and watering needs.

Most Dendrobiums have well-defined growing periods, starting at spring time. They produce their growth rapidly during summer, completing it by autumn. Because most are tall growing plants, there is a tendency to overpot. Dendrobium flowers come in different colors, and color combinations.

There are two commonalities among all Dendrobium orchids which are important to know. They love bright light and lots of it. They also like to grow in tiny pots where there roots are confined. Either they grow in hot or cold, may it be highlands or lowland, as long as they get plenty of bright light and grow in tiny pots, your Dendrobium orchids will be happily growing.

But of course, it pays to know more Dendrobium orchid care tips. These tips will make sure you get the most out of your Dendrobium orchids. Just take note and follow these tips to ensure successful orchid Dendrobium care.

Cast some lights. Since they love bright light, the best location is on the east side of your house where they get to enjoy the morning sun and avoid the strong afternoon sun. Avoid direct sunlight, to prevent plant burns.

They love water and moisture. Dendrobiums in active growth require a humidity level of 50-60% and regular watering but not too much. For areas with low moisture level, use humidity trays or water spray regularly for pot hanged Dendrobiums. After the plants are mature, let them dry before watering your orchid again.

Hot or Cold? Dendrobiums from cold climates prefer temperatures ranging from 10 to 24 degrees Celsius(50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). From hot or warm climates the temperature they prefer are between 16 to 30 degrees C(52 to 86 Fahrenheit). And, for Dendrobiums from intermediate climates they enjoy temperature range fo 14 to 26 degrees C (58 to 79 Fahrenheit).

Apply fertilizer. Feed your Dendrobiums regularly but the best time to apply is during the growing and when about to bloom. Use weak liquid animal manure or any soluble organic fertilizer. Always apply in balance and do not over fertilize.

Repot or not? Dendrobiums are tall plants and have tendencies to overpot which makes them more heavy for the orchid pot to hold. This is the best time to repot them. You can also repot every two to three years. Pot them in tiny pots to firmly confine their roots and provide ample drainage and aeration.

Contrary to what people say, Dendrobium orchid care is really easy. If you have the right information on how to grow them and about their growing environment you will be growing Dendrobiums stress-free and your orchids will be happy.


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